Marques & Marques abides to ethical business practices and the values of integrity, equality, and respect for all stakeholders, including workers, customers, and suppliers.

Social Responsability

The determination to keep the family business knowing the responsibility of maintaining the jobs created is one of the company's guiding principles.

Marques & Marques has transformed numerous lives during these 40 years of operation but is conscious that it is the enthusiasm and happiness of its workers that supports the company's success and promotes the long-term well-being of the local community and society in general.


Ao trabalhar a madeira de forma tão apaixonada, a Marques & Marques promove a bioeconomia e valoriza as florestas, que têm um papel muito importante para a regulação do ciclo da água, combate à erosão do solo, preservação da biodiversidade e para a absorção de CO2. Os produtos feitos em madeira têm um papel determinante no combate às alterações climáticas, uma vez que esta matéria-prima tem a capacidade única de não só capturar como também armazenar CO2 presente na atmosfera.

Política de Responsabilidade

no Fornecimento das Madeiras


All of the wood purchased was legally cut and exported.


During the production of wood, the human rights of both indigenous communities and workers were respected, guaranteeing the well-being of local communities;


The wood does not come from areas of high conservation value.


The felled trees are replaced with new plantings, ensuring the forest park's longevity.


The concern with the efficient use of raw resources begins with the organization's foundation. By manufacturing mosaic parquet, they are also tackling waste production and encouraging Circular Economy practices. This variety of floor is made up of smaller blocks which enable of use of wood leftovers arising from the manufacture of flooring and lamparquet. Furthermore, the sawdust generated during the pavement production is used to generate renewable energy that feeds the dryers.

On the other hand, the flooring's quality and timelessness allow it to outlast several generations in excellent conditions, preventing the need to replace the floor for many years.

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